Version 1.0.4 – Additional Market UI – Published 10/26/2013

Maintenance block removed – this version adds additional features for editing markets giving complete control over the market info.

Additional UI updates include:

    1. Full market edits – Total control over the listing
      Update everything from address to time to products to adding a Facebook page
    2. Get directions – Not sure how to get there?
      A quick link to google maps gets you on your way with directions from your detected location and kicks you the default fastest route.

Up next is adding new markets and mobile driving directions.

Version 1.0.7

This round includes some new features, heavily improved data management, and a few other goodies like feature tours.

Rewritten using KnockoutJs
For anyone whose already using it, or might be considering it, KnockoutJs is frankly awesome. Their claim to fame - Simplify dynamic JavaScript UIs with the Model-View-View Model (MVVM). The short version is a js model behind the scenes that holds anything you could dream of and lets you bind those values to the UI for automatic updates.

In our case that means less code for us to manage, a faster ui, and our next favorite – improved data management.

Heavily improved data management
The original version was not so smart about how it handled loading market data – anytime you changed location it went and got the data all over again. While we still have to get new data when you switch states knockout lets us hold on to those markets for reuse late. So instead of making a ton of requests every time you look at a larger radius or in a nearby city you get an instant response and save a decent chunk of data is your going mobile.

The features
Tours – Not a ton to add here but we’ve introduced a sidebar with links to blog and tours to help new users get a head start.

Bing Images – We’ve also temporarily disabled the bing images feed – didn’t want to do it but they were making the site unstable and will remain down until things can be straightened out with bing.

Version 1.0.5

This version has become a blend of planned and needed improvements – focusing on use and mobile access. Two updates – adding and flagging for removal – have been moved to the next planned release and the list below represents everything in this version.

  1. Improved google directions
  2. Mobile directions – using qr codes & google maps

    * This does require the use of some kind of qr code scanner.
    ** Don’t have one? No worries – check out for a robust Android & iOS option.

  3. General Updates
    1. Basic style updates
    2. Improved searching and markets list loading
    3. Overall performance improvements
    4. Better use tracking – allows for faster debugging and targeted improvements for commonly used features

Version 1.0.6

It’s been a long time coming but version 1.0.6 is here! Along with general UI improvements and layout updates there are a few new items to introduce:

  1. Re-factored location filtering
    No need to go into the filter section. Want to change the location? Just click on the map location and enter a new city/state/radius.
  2. Market images
    Check out images of the market courtesy of bing image search api.
  3. Tooltips
    Not all icons make sense the first time around. Hover over the tabs of a market to find out what clicking that tab will do.

Undergoing Maintenance

We are currently undergoing a bit of maintenance but following this scheduled down-time we will have introduced the following:

1. Extended editing for market location – edit everything and even add a second address & time
2. Updated our use of the google api – nothing special ust a better way of doing it
3. Added a “Create a market” option

Check back tomorrow to see these new options in all their glory.

Version 1.0.3 – Editable markets, performance enhancements, ui improvements – Published 10/20/2013

This version addresses performance enhancements, general ui updates and improvements, and finally introduces the ability for the user to update the market’s basic info. UI Updates:

  1. New page layout with full size map
  2. Option for the user to edit a market’s basic info
  3. Automatic lat long updates

Editable Market Info:

  1. Name
  2. Address
    1. Street address
    2. City
    3. State
    4. Zip code
  3. Website

* When address information gets updated that new address is also geo-coded and updated lat long positions are saved as well.


  • 10/21/2013 – Added sharing options for Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, etc.
  • 10/22/2013 – Added 3rd party error catching via BugSense

Version 1.0.2 – General UI Improvements – Published 9/28/2013

This version addresses performance enhancements and general ui updates. These include:

  1. Improved mysql filter response
  2. Page/event loading progress bar
  3. Database cleanup – small set around 93420
  4. Added link to blog
  5. Changed map on-click pop up – market details are now displayed in a larger section to the right of the map
  6. Added products to the market details – for those locations where we have base info
  7. Fixed column widths issue for all markets in current state

Issue 017 – Filter options hit and miss – Resolved 9/28/2013

An issue with the filter options for state and custom location has been detected where the filter results are hit and miss.

Current issues include:

  1. Some results are not being plotted
  2. Some results are returned but not complete

Due to these issues the filter options have been temporarily removed until it is resolved.

Update: 9/28/2013 – The issue has been correct and the filters are available again.

Version 1.0.1 – Location and state search – Published 9/17

This version includes some styling updates & general UI improvements along with additional filter options. The details include…

  1. Additional filter options for the mapped locations
    1. Reset “home” point – allows for searching for any address with currently selected state and returns markets nearby based on simple mile distances
    2. Radius adjustment – choose what kind of distance you are interested in going to find markets within your state.
    3. State selection – load markets for another state – sort and search, plot additional points
  2. Blog theming – nothing big or fancy just easy to read

On 9/27/2013 an issue was reported that had filters temporarily removed. They are back now – for more information and updates please see the full issue and resolution.

Version 1.0.0 – Initial Launch – Published 9/14

This is not an intense first version but more of simpler is better philosophy. The basic functionality is there to let anyone (within the US) find known markets nearby and/or in their state.

  1. Imported 8000+ USDA Farmer’s Markets  - some with additional information about date/time/products/etc
  2. Get current user location
  3. Show all know markets with 30 miles and any additional information
  4. See all of the markets in the current state and sort/search against the whole
  5. After filtering allow the addition of markets outside of the “nearby” by selecting them from the results